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 If you are purchasing a new construction home, it has never been more important to have it inspected!! Advantage Property Inspection is Bozemans Only ICC Building Code Cerified company in the area.

Choosing the most qualified inspection company is the single most important decision you will have to make after finding the home which meets your needs.

To spite warnings from national industry experts, many buyers just allow their realtor to choose and set up the home inspection. While there are realtors truly concerned about your inspection, fact is many realtors consider a home inspection just another obstacle and prefer to choose inspectors based on predictability "don’t rock the boat mentality" or the "good ole boy" network. We are not a member of the good ole boy network. We are an independent company and will never compromise your inspection to get future realtor referrals.


Over the past 18 years, we have been called on, countless times to perform inspections for realtors personal properties, family members and close personal friends, because we are thorough, but the same reasons, individuals choose to overlook API for their everyday clients because we are "too thorough"!

Did you know most inspectors won't open an attic hatch if sealed?  I find this practice unacceptable and you should ask any potential inspector their thoughts on this.


Odds are you won’t get our contact info from your realtor, because we’ve been told API is not a team player. I can promise you, we work only in the best interest of our clients. Our reports are the most complete in the area and often uncover hidden issues more often than not, over looked by other inspectors.  


Don't be misled into thinking all inspectors are alike or that you’re realtor has the inside track on the best inspector. Beware of realtors trying to steer you to their inspector or offering to call an inspector for you. They very often will tell you, that inspector is too busy, too expensive, or some other fabricated reason.  It’s extremely important you make initial contact yourself. 406-539-7820


Home inspections are a second occupation for most coming from totally unrelated fields. API is Gallatin Valleys longest operating inspection company inspecting hundreds homes and commercial buildings every year. We have a 18 year proven track record of protecting buyers and totally committed to providing the highest quality ASHI certified inspections. With over 45 years in home construction, building code enforcement and real estate inspections, you can be sure no other local inspector has a more complete background.


Advantage Property Inspections is by far the most qualified company to protect your family and investment. You won't find a local home inspector with better credentials, a more complete background or track record of protecting home buyers.



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It's your home, It's your money, It's your choice. Insist On Advantage Property Inspections.


API Has Received Best of Bozeman Award 2008 thru 2017

Advantage Property Inspections is one of Southwest Montana's longest operating, independent home inspection company.

We have performed over 6000 inspections and remain totally committed to providing our clients the highest quality ASHI Certified Inspections.

I will personally spend as much time as necessary to ensure your property is thoroughly inspected. You won't find another Bozeman inspector with better credentials, background or track record to protect your family or investment.  We will never sugar coat the condition of any deficiency or compromise your inspection.


 Only API Offers Bozeman's Only Unconditional Guarantee!!

 If you're not 100% satisfied with our inspection service or report, "we will pay to have your property re-inspected".

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