ASHI Certified Inspections

We are a fully recognized member and adhere to the (ASHI) American Society of Home Inspectors code of ethics and standards of practice. As an objective "THIRD PARTY" inspection company, you can be sure you are getting the best inspection possible. Your pre-purchase inspection will give you an in-depth physical and operational evaluation of the condition of your future home, including from the top of the chimney to the base of the foundation both inside and out.
Inspected elements include but not limited to the following:
•Driveway / Patios / Walks
•Decks / Porches / Balconies
•Windows / Doors
•Roof Framing / Coverings
•Roof Ventilation
•Valleys / Flashings
•Siding / Trim & Caulking
•Gutters / Downspouts / Extensions
•Exterior Electrical Components
•Electrical Service / Components
•Gas Service / Components
•Landscaping / Grading
•Garage Structures
•Attic Structure, Insulation / Ventilation
•Water Heaters
•Plumbing Pipes & Fixtures
•Sanitary Pumps & Lift Stations
•Basement / Crawlspace & Foundations
•Heating & Cooling Components
•Water Service & Controls
•Lawn Sprinkler Controls
•Windows / Doors / Safety Glass
•Electrical Panels / Components
•Walls / Ceilings / Floor Coverings
•Kitchen Cabinets / Appliances
•Safety Items
•Fireplaces / Woodstoves
•Limited Visual Mold Review
•CO & Gas Leak Detection
  • Items Found To Be Non-operational During The Inspection
  • Defective Items Needing Immediate Attention
  • Potential Safety Concerns
  • General Information For Proper Use & Care Of The Home

Additional Services Include:

Well Water Testing, Radon Gas Screening, Visual Mold Screening, Lead & Asbestos Testing.  


Regardless of the age of the home, Everyone should consider having a home inspection prior to purchase.  Advantage Property Inspections is a full service inspection company, which provides the most extensive home inspection available.
If you're moving within the state or relocating to Montana for work or pleasure contact API for your property inspection.
Call or send an e-mail, to set up a home inspection. 
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API’s inspection reporting system fully complies and exceeds all (ASHI) standards. They are extremely detailed, comprehensive and include defined, full color photos of deficient items. The photos have proven very effective when reporting items found in attics and crawl spaces as well as throughout the property.
Many home inspectors claim to conduct inspections to "ASHI Standards." Using an inspector who claims to meet ASHI Standards is not the same as hiring a trained, Certified ASHI Member who has passed the National Home Inspectors Exam. Many home inspectors do not possess the skill, training and experience that can be expected from a recognized ASHI Member. A copy of the Standards of Practice is available on this site.
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